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1,000,000 + FLIGHT HOURS

You've said the T2000 is the 'Rolls Royce', 'Elite' Transponder in its class. Here's a taster as to why:

Dedicated to Excellence.

Innovative Design

You ask… we listen – still creating the avionic solutions you desire 25 years on. We are a pioneering, technology-based company producing lightweight, energy-efficient and affordable GA, SA and UAV focused avionic products.

Products and Services

Our product range has improved alongside our relationship with you, and although the world has changed, our intrinsic values remain constant. We design and manufacture in Australia, for you wherever you are, supported via our global network of customer care, warranties and technical support.

Quality Assurance

Meticulous attention to detail and safety is embedded in our culture, culminating in the high standard of products and services that you receive.

Featured Products

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    M760 REV Q Transceiver 15% Off

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    Microair products

    T2000SFL Transponder (Rev8)

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    Unmanned Aerial Systems

    T2000UAV-L Transponder (TNC or BNC)

    AUD 4,080.00

Our Customers

You’re reaching for the skies, we’re here to help

Microair Avionics – Above and Beyond


Our marketplace is your arena - the open skies. Whether you are in the GA, SA or UAV sector we love to imagine where our products take you. Your ambition literally becomes our reality. As Australia’s leader in designing and manufacturing lightweight, affordable, high quality avionics, we take pride in enabling your dreams to take flight.


For Microair Avionics to be synonymous with products and services that go above and beyond. We will challenge the status quo with innovative designs and manufacturing to provide world class avionics solutions for your GA, SA and UAV needs.


+ To strategically expand of our business to embrace a wide range of identified market needs and interests.
+ To supply customers with a complete concept-to-product service.
+ To provide outstanding service and support for our products.
+ To remain committed to quality and excellence in all company activities.

Supporting you!

Our team is made up of the best Engineers, Technicians and leaders.

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Email: sales@microair.aero

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