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Before returning your M760 XCVR for service/repair have a quick read.
We are receiving large volumes of XCVRs for repair which test – Satis, or have been ‘adjusted’, our technicians realigned and again test – Satis.

Do you have a noise cancelling headset? Having microphone issues, if you haven’t already, please take a look at this link:

Gliders etc. – Garbled Transmission, transmission interference:


Due to large numbers of unpowered vehicle pilots using the M760 Radio, the later models, Rev-Q for example, have a main PCB incorporating a processor which js less sensitive to voltage drop, allowing the voltage to drop to 10.5V without transmission interference.
Earlier models can be upgraded: Please contact us, with your serial number, to establish what will be required to upgrade your XCVR.
Useful links:

VHF Aerial Installation FAQ

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RF Interference use of ferrites

Strobe Trouble Shooting

Aircraft noise headsets presentation

Before returning goods, talk to us about your issue – it’s our issue too, we may have an easy fix. email:

Customer Fault M760 Info Sheet 01R1

Customer Fault T2000 Info Sheet 01R1

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